Towards Glastonbury

Visited parts of the Somerset Levels yesterday in advance of our pilgrimage to Glastonbury (25th-30th September). Interested to see what impact the floods of last winter may still be having and whether this might include any restrictions on paths we will be walking. There are one or two outstanding issues in this regard, but nothing that seems likely to significantly impede our progress.
The landscape with its amazing resiliance seems to have recovered well although I am sure the psychological and emotional effects on residents are still being felt. Sandbags remain, lining the banks of the River Parrett through Burrowbridge and a digger parked near Athelney was a clear indication of ongoing dredging work. The news story may have moved on but the longer term work of recovery and rehabilitation continues…

Later in the day we spent some time at the Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury. This has been a real place of spiritual resource for me over the years and drinking the water again, I realised how thirsty I was. Thirsting for the quality of this particular holy water which really seems to reach parts other waters don’t quite reach. The gardens highlight what can be achieved when love and reverence are guiding principles in custodianship of the land and will be one of our destinations on the September pilgrimage. We will be there on Michaelmas day and will have the opportunity to gather in the upstairs meditation room which has a lovely atmosphere.

There is still the opportunity available to join us on this our last group pilgrimage of the year. If you feel inspired to find out more, get in touch.

 Well head , Chalice well

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