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Walking each other home

A recent email exchange with Ian Shaw, reminded me again of how pilgrimage and more specifically in this case the Mary/Michael earth energies can offer something essential to us when we are faced with some of the most painful and challenging experiences of life. It may not be everyone’s way and I am definitely not […]

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Freely Given

There has been a period when Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way has been dormant, my attention focused on other priorities, but with some encouragement from Dr. Guy Hayward, director and co-founder of The British Pilgrimage Trust I have been persuaded that interest in this particular pilgrimage remains strong. I am looking at ways to reinvigorate the project, […]

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Jolie’s Pilgrimage

A bit late in the day, but I wanted to update the website and in doing so bring a little reminder of the beauty and possibility of pilgrimage along Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way. During the late summer and autumn of 2020, in that brief window of opportunity between lockdowns, Jolie Booth completed an inspiring pilgrimage, walking […]

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Developing a cycle route for pilgrims

Jo Gibson, a seasoned pilgrim and supporter of our project from the early days has started making a cycle route closely following Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way and visiting sacred sites associated with the Michael and Mary earth energy currents along the way. She has begun in the far west of Cornwall. You can follow her Pilgrim’s […]

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Gary’s Pilgrimage Blog

As previously mentioned in a post on 18th March, Gary Weiner an experienced pilgrim who has walked some of the most significant pilgrimage routes in Europe as well as other long distance paths is embarking on Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way at the beginning of May. He will be walking from Carn-les-Boel, near Land’s End in Cornwall […]

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