The Mary Michael Pilgrims Way route from Cornwall to Norfolk

The Vision

To establish a walking pilgrimage route across England, from Cornwall to Norfolk,  connecting significant Christian and pre-Christian sites, creating a spiritual and cultural journey which offers opportunity for reflection and inspiration.

Work has been done, researching a route which can be walked between west Cornwall and Avebury, a journey of over 350 miles. Guidebooks were written describing the whole way, but it was decided to withdraw these from circulation and offer downloadable pdf’s in their place.


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Join us

In the past, we have organised a number of group pilgrimages walking sections of the route with the benefit of a support vehicle to carry luggage. A short film shot “on location” during a guided pilgrimage across Dartmoor gives a flavour of the experience. If you want to organise your own pilgrimage, we may be able to advise. A snapshot of one pilgrim’s experience of Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way in 2020, can be gleaned from the short films she made along the Way.

Plans for the future include offering one or more day long walks to give people a taste of the experience of pilgrimage. These will provide an opportunity for pilgrims to gather, be guided and supported to connect more deeply with themselves and the sacred landscape.

For anyone inspired to support the development of the pilgrimage route eastward from Avebury please get in touch. Our email address is now Telephone 01392 253604.

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Finding your way

The Guidebooks

These have now been withdrawn from circulation, to be replaced by downloadable PDF’s. One describes the Cornish Section Carn Les Boel to Brentor, the other the route between Brentor to Avebury  They will enable you to begin exploring Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way for yourself. Anyone can download these guides for free, with the understanding that although the details of the physical route should be accurate, information particularly relating to accommodation and other services along the way is not up to date. The map on the Long Distance Walkers Association website may be a useful tool in familiarising yourself with the route. Mary Michael Pilgrims Way – LDWA Long Distance Paths

To find both a map of the route as described in the guidebooks, but also one which shows the interplay between the Michael ley line which runs as a straight line across the country and the interweaving Michael and Mary earth energy currents, visit The British Pilgrimage Trust website  Mary and Michael Pilgrims’ Way – The British Pilgrimage Trust.

If you feel inspired to make a donation to the project to support the development of the pilgrimage eastwards from Avebury that would be much appreciated. If you would like to actively engage in developing the route please get in touch. Please note that the contact details for the project have changed. Our email address is now Telephone 01392 253604.


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