Pilgrim Request

Gary Weiner is travelling from California, U.S.A. to make a pilgrimage from West Cornwall to Glastonbury.

Although he is keeping his itinerary flexible to some degree, he will arrive in the UK at the end of April and plans to start walking from Carn Les Boel on Monday 30th April. He is interested to make contact with other pilgrims along the way. So if that includes you, do get in touch. garyiweiner@gmail.com.

I thought it best to introduce Gary using some of his own words. “Walking has a spiritual component. My walks connect me with self, with history, with nature. They helped me understand myself better.”

For more, follow the link to Gary’s 1,400 mile walk from Winchester to Rome along the via Francigena, completed in June 2017. http://garyontheway.blogspot.co.uk/

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