Jolie’s Pilgrimage

A bit late in the day, but I wanted to update the website and in doing so bring a little reminder of the beauty and possibility of pilgrimage along Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way.

During the late summer and autumn of 2020, in that brief window of opportunity between lockdowns, Jolie Booth completed an inspiring pilgrimage, walking from West Cornwall to Norfolk along the pilgrimage route. Initially making use of the guidebooks and then going “off piste” for the second half of the walk. She made the journey in 7 weeks.

It was a pleasure to meet up with her and share a small part of the way, and also offer what guidance and support I could in choosing the best way to follow beyond Avebury. In this, Jolie was a guinea pig, testing out possible routes for the way to the Norfolk coast. In time this may form the basis for a more formalised route.

Here is a link enabling you to access the weekly films she created, giving a flavour of her intrepid journey.

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