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The Mary Michael Pilgrims Way route from Cornwall to Norfolk

The Vision

To establish a walking pilgrimage route across England, from Cornwall to Norfolk. This route passes through diverse landscapes connecting significant Christian and pre-Christian sites, creating a spiritual and cultural journey which offers opportunity for reflection and inspiration.

The pilot project between Brentor and Glastonbury has now been extended through Cornwall, creating a continuous route of over 250 miles. Our attention is now focused on the section between Glastonbury and Avebury, with a new guidebook almost ready for printing

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Join us

Take part in one of our group pilgrimages walking sections of the route with the benefit of a support vehicle to carry luggage. A short film shot “on location” during a guided pilgrimage across Dartmoor gives a flavour of the experience. Other ways to get involved include contributing photographs and information about places of interest along the way or helping to identify the best ways to follow as we develop the route eastwards. Read our news updates or follow us on Facebook to stay informed about the project’s progress.

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Finding your way

Buy the Guidebooks

If you want to purchase either or both guidebooks this will enable you to begin exploring the route for yourself at very little cost. The funds generated go towards extending the route eastwards. The section between Glastonbury and Avebury has been surveyed and a guide written. This is being formatted and edited prior to printing and it is hoped will be available along with an update to the pilot section guidebook before Christmas.

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