The benefits of publicity

Recent articles in a number of publications have boosted the profile of the project and helped to encourage more poeple to become supporters. 

 An  article in The Chalice, the journal of the Companions of The Chalice Well in Glastonbury in particular is generating a lot of interest, whilst a review of the guidebook  for the pilot section of the pilgrimage has been written for the next edition of Dartmoor magazine. Other articles and reviews have appeared in The British Society of Dowsers Journal: The Gatekeeper magazine; The Inner Light Journal; the Newsletter of the Network of Ley Hunters and the Journal of the Confraternity of St James as well as in other local publications, parish magazines and on line newsletters.

We are grateful for the opportunities this publicity offers to promote the project and for the diversity of the audience that the project appeals to judging from the comments received. This interest ranges from different artistic and creative responses, to developing the route to include opportunities for cycling and the possibility of pilgrimage on horseback. May this enthusiasm long continue.

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