Breaking the silence

The fact that no news has been published on the website over the last couple of months doesn’t mean that activity on the project has come to a halt, its just been going on under the surface, rather like the proverbial duck swimming.

A first draft of the guide for the Cornish section of the pilgrimage has been completed, which we hope will be ready for printing in May. Starting in the far west of Cornwall at Carn Les Boel, it ends at Brentor, the beginning of the pilot section route, thus creating a continuous journey of over 250 miles visiting many extraordinary and powerful places, passing through a diverse and beautiful landscape.

Other activities associated with the Michael and Mary lines seem to be gathering momentum right across the country. I recently met with someone involved with the restoration project at St Margaret’s Church, Hopton, the final crossing point of the lines before the coast in East Anglia. The restoration is gaining new interest and support.

Meanwhile a project to have a coordinated ceremony at various of the node (crossing) points along the lines on Saturday May 5th is being organised from Cornwall by Danu Fox in cooperation with The British Society of Dowsers. For more information about this contact Danu at

Other people have contacted us inspired by their own connection with the Michael and Mary lines to create, music, song, poetry and art. An example is the following song lyrics sent by Susan Elizabeth Hale


Oh won;t you go weaving with Michael and Mary

Oh won’t you go weaving the high and the low

Oh won’t you go weaving with Michael and Mary

Weaving the heavens with the deep wells below

With what’s hidden below

Oh Mary your waters they call me

Oh water my spirit so parched and so dry

Oh MIchael your towers they call me

Uplift my soul to your places on high

To your places on high


Oh Mary your waters are weeping

You call for our songs and all that we know

Oh Michael your towers they call me

Calling me to weave heaven

With the deep wells below

With the waters below

Melody and lyrics by Susan Elizabeth Hale

Copyright 2010

Tomorrow, I join a week long (Yatra) walking pilgrimage along the Ridgeway, organised by Buddhafield. Not specifically focused on the Michael and Mary lines it will none the less include some sites that will be part of the pilgrimage route as it is extended east and will follow the historic route to Avebury.

We will also be continuing our own programme of pilgrimage walks through the year. The first organised in conjunction with the Gatekeeper Trust is around Belstone on Dartmoor on Sunday 29th April. Contact me for more information.

As spring gathers momentum I hope more and more people feel inspired to explore and experience for themselves the pilgrims journey, whatever form that takes.


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