Dartmoor Pilgrimage

We are now dipping our toe into the water, developing a programme of guided pilgrimage walks along sections of Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way. The route established so far which stretches from the far west of Cornwall to Glastonbury is more than 250 miles, a significant and potentially daunting prospect for any aspiring pilgrim.

With work commitments and other responsibilities we recognise that attempting this pilgrimage in one go is not a practical option for most people. We are also aware that issues around the availability or lack of suitable low cost accommodation can be a limiting factor for many people who may otherwise be inspired to make this journey.

In recognition of these issues we are creating a series of  guided group pilgrimages building on the success of our one day events. A recently purchased van will be used as a support vehicle to carry tents and other luggage as well as providing us with the facility of a mobile kitchen making group pilgrimages over a number of days possible.

Different sections of the route will make satisfying journeys, complete in themselves. For example from the far west of Cornwall to the Fal estuary or from  St Austell to North Hill which includes the stretch over Bodmin Moor. In Somerset the section from Taunton to Glastonbury would have its own particular quality through the  unique landscape of the Somerset Levels. 

Our first offering is a pilgrimage over Dartmoor, for which some preliminary details are outlined below. Join us on this or get in contact to let us know if you are interested to find out about future events.  


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