Pilgrimage video close to completion

Met with Rach Cornish yesterday. She’s been working hard editing hours of footage to create a film documenting some of the experience shared on our first group pilgrimage of the year – over Dartmoor at Beltane.

Yesterday she and I worked together to add a commentary to the film. Part of the time I was sat within a hastily constructed sound booth, rather a Heath Robinson affair, made up of bits of wood a cupboard and blankets, designed to help muffle outside noises. It reminded me of building dens when I was young.

I think David Attenborough uses a similar technique.

The film, just over 8 minutes long will be coming soon on YouTube.

Rach has done an excellent job and although we have not included any of the personal sharing or ceremonies that were a powerful part of the journey (after all this is not reality TV), the result is a film which does encapsulate some of the essence of the pilgrimage.

I will post links when the film is ready.

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