Heartbeat of Mother Earth

I have been contacted by Tiffany Stephens who is hoping to find people who would like to run or take part in events across the world, but especially Europe as part of A European Citizens Initiative for the Rights of Nature.

The co-ordinated events planned for the 22nd April 2016 will be entitled Heartbeat of Mother Earth. Details are being finalised with the intention of offering elements of a common format so that all participants will be engaging across the world with the same vision and connection. In this it shares some of the characteristics of the event organised several years ago inspired by Danu Fox in which groups gathered at sites associated with the Michael and Mary Lines to sing the same sacred song at the same time. I well remember the wonderful communal experience of participating in one such group at Spinsters Rock, where we not only sang but prayed and drummed, shared food and laughter and walked a labyrinth marked out on the ground near the stones. It felt very special knowing that we were part of a larger community of people meeting at different places across the country with a shared intention, honouring the Earth.

Jane Withers who put Tiffany in touch with me suggested that “it would be wonderful to have local groups meet up on the 22nd April as part of this wider community initiative.” Jane is contactable at janewithers@cooptel.net. For my part I would certainly like to be involved. Perhaps offering to focus a group if others are interested to join me at some as yet unspecified mid Devon location. More details will follow…

In the meantime if you want to organise an event at a sacred site as part of this initiative, please contact Tiffany Stephens via e mail tiffanystephens7@gmail.com.

The European Citizens Initiative for the Rights of Nature is the brainchild of Mumta Ito, who proposes a new beginning for environmental law based on extending “civil rights” to the natural world. Rights of Nature laws hold a vision of a world in which our laws facilitate a culture that respects the profound inter-existence of our world and supports healthy relationships with all life. It extends our idea of community to include the whole community of life – a concept also enshrined in the U.N.’s Earth Charter Initiative.

For more information about the Initiative for the Rights of Nature visit http://therightsofnature.org/category/europe/

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