It’s a small world

Charmaine Porter, resident of Seattle in Washington State U.S.A. was ordering some guidebooks for the pilgrimage recently. She mentioned in an e mail that she already had family ties to the Michael and Mary Lines, with her parents in law living in Bury St Edmunds. They have been active in supporting renovation work at nearby Ickworth Church which is on the Mary Line.

Described by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst in The Sun and the Serpent as “a gloomy and neglected place”, it seems there has been an energetic rebirth with the church re-opened.

Appropriately enough Charmaine mentioned how last year her god sons were christened there – the first such ceremony to take place here since 1977. “As I sat in the church I could literally feel the spirit finally free and the energy soaring around the space.”

Her father in law a novice dowser has started exploring the power sources of the church, leads tours of the vaults and is vigorous in organising events and concerts in the church.

Charmaine concluded by saying: “I want to make sure its not a secret anymore. The church loves visitors.”

This seems a wonderful example of the possibility of restoring our relationship with the earth and it’s often neglected sacred places, which is so much at the heart of our vision of pilgrimage.

Hopefully this post and the following link to Ickworth Church facebook page will help spread the word.

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