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As previously mentioned in a post on 18th March, Gary Weiner an experienced pilgrim who has walked some of the most significant pilgrimage routes in Europe as well as other long distance paths is embarking on Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way at the beginning of May.

He will be walking from Carn-les-Boel, near Land’s End in Cornwall UK to Glastonbury, something just short of 300 miles. We are invited to follow his progress along Mary Michael Pilgrims Way via

Gary reassures us:

“I don’t post often, even when I am on one of my walks, so you will not be inundated with emails.”

To sign up, open the blog – it must be the desktop version not the mobile phone version. On the right you will see a box to “Follow by Email.” Enter your email address. A box will pop up to prove you are not a robot. Then you will receive a confirming email which you must reply to. After that, you will receive an email whenever Gary posts. It will contain a few lines of the post and a link to the blog so you can read the post in its entirety.

To be clear, Gary has chosen not to receive any information about who is subscribed, so no pressure.

You can also respond at the bottom of each post with any comments you may have.

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