International Dowsing Day, Saturday 5th May 2018


 In conjunction with other dowsing groups in the south west, Devon Dowsers are celebrating Holy Wells along with the Mary Michael Earth Energy Lines. All are welcome to join an event which will happen in two stages, first at Shobrooke Holy Well and then Cadbury Castle both of which lie along the pilgrimage route, within a few miles of each other.  The church warden Rosemary is very happy for the well to be dressed with flowers.

Cadbury Castle is an Iron Age Hill Fort, with clearly visible defensive earth ramparts covered in bluebells which will be in full flower at this time of year. It may have been used by the Saxons as a ‘moot’ meeting place and was later occupied by parliamentarian troops during the Civil War for the siege of Bickleigh Castle in 1644. Local legend has it that a dragon guards treasure buried in the fort! From the ramparts there are fantastic panoramic views across Devon.

The Michael Earth Energy Line passes right across the site. The Michael Ley Line, around which the Michael and Mary energy lines twist like serpents, is in direct alignment with the rising sun at Beltane, at the beginning of May.

The plan is to ‘energise’ the Michael Line through dance, singing and generally having a good time. Members of the Dance of the Directions community will perform a ritual dance connecting earth and sky, and the four directions of the compass.


Proposed programme of activities 

11.30am Meet at Shobrooke Holy Well for dowsing energies and the water source and well dressing ceremony. Please bring flowers if you are called to do.

12.30pm Meet at Cadbury Castle and dowse the Michael Line and mark out its width and measure its strength.

1pm – 3pm               Have a picnic

Perform the Dance of the Directions

Music playing and Singing. This to include Mary & Michael Chant by Danu Fox

(See U-Tube Link for this):

After completion of  ‘activities’ dowse for any changes to the Line.



Shobrooke is signed off the A3072 on the road from Crediton to Bickleigh/Tiverton just outside Crediton and the Holy Well is located very near to the church (which is not in the village!).  Park by the church and walk up Church Lane opposite in the direction of the village. The well is a few hundred metres away from the church set into the roadside bank.

Cadbury Castle is signed off the A3072 further along the road between Crediton and Bickleigh/Tiverton.  It is signed off the main road on the right hand side. The path up to the castle is about 1/2 mile off the main road. Go past the church, and there is limited parking in a lay-by shortly after a bend in the road – where the signed footpath to the castle starts. It is about a 10 minute (gently climbing) walk up to the castle.  There is parking on the road by the church, which is only a short walk to the start of the path up to the castle.

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