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I am looking for volunteers, people interested to take on exploring potential sections of the pilgrimage route eastwards beyond Avebury.

David Kelf is doing a wonderful job researching, walking and dowsing his way along the eastern end of the Michael and Mary Lines between Hopton and Eye – and organising group walks along the way. Meanwhile Bill McMullan is taking on devising the best route through the area he knows best in Oxfordshire, around Dorchester and the Thames valley. Depending on how that goes he may continue working on another nearby segment.

It feels like it is time for me to hand on the baton in exploring the eastern half of the pilgrimage, although I sincerely hope to walk it and benefit from other people’s efforts as the route evolves.

If we can recruit 8-10 people each willing to survey their local patch of say 20-30 miles, which can then potentially be co-ordinated with the next person down the line we would be able to join the dots and hopefully provide access, directions and information to the whole length of the pilgrimage between West Cornwall and Norfolk.

An initial thought is that details of these small sub-sections of the route might be made available via the website as downloadable PDF documents. However that is getting ahead of myself.

If you are interested in taking part in this stage of the project, or know of someone who might be, do get in touch. There are still many miles to go…

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