Thanks to Satish Kumar and Ba Miller, our project patrons for their encouragement and for the eloquent contributions they have made to this website. Thanks also to Jo Gibson, Peter Dawkins and Jeff Cornish for their written contributions and Simon Prince for his artwork.

We are grateful to those who have gone before and left a legacy on which the project is founded. In particular to John Michell, Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, to John Christian for sharing his insights gained from dowsing on Dartmoor and participants in Awakening Albion who walked from Cornwall to Norfolk in 2008 and made valuable suggestions based on their experiences.

The project would not have got this far without financial assistance from Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund, The Cooperative Communities Fund and The Elmgrant Trust and from those individuals who supported our vision financially and with a genrosity of spirit.

Finally to Simon and Ishka at Lumpy Lemon for their creativity and professionalism in developing this website and their patience with a technophobic client.

Richard Dealler – Chairman, Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way

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