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The development of Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way has been advanced by a small core group committed to the vision, giving their time on a voluntary basis.

We would appreciate help and advice as we survey new sections of the pilgrimage. Local knowledge has been invaluable in helping us develop the route thus far, which now extends from West Cornwall to Avebury. Our focus is now on the best way to proceed east from Avebury as we continue to progress towards our final destination on the Norfolk coast.

Photographer We would also like to hear personal experiences of the journey to help and inspire others. The route seems to stimulate creative responses, which have included painting, poetry, prose and photographs.

Accommodation & Hospitality

Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way is not blessed with a system of refuges or hostels similar to that which evolved to provide for pilgrims walking to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Currently the choice is between camping and Bed and Breakfast accommodation, or a combination of the two, with in addition, a couple of Youth Hostels, a YMCA Hostel and a bunk house. All facilities are listed in the guides, although please do check before setting out that your chosen accommodation is still available. This is an aspect of the pilgrimage which changes rapidly and with the advent of Airbnb is ever more fluid.

Pilgrim in hammockOther pilgrimage routes have had some success in finding creative solutions to the issue of developing an affordable network of places to stay. The idea of Sanctuary Churches, where churches offer basic facilities and accommodation to pilgrims for a night, seems like a beautiful example of how churches may be repurposed to respond to a new need.

We would be very interested to hear from anyone with experience of this system, or inspired by the notion of developing such a network for our route. This initiative recognises the ancient spiritual tradition of generosity and hospitality towards strangers. It may help to make the experience of pilgrimage accessible to those less able to afford the cost of Bed and Breakfast accommodation and offer a new lease of life and purpose to some churches struggling with the issue of declining congregations.


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