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Group Pilgrimages

The purchase of a van by the project means we have been able to lead group pilgrimages along sections of the route. Seven pilgrimages varying from 3 – 7 days duration were organised during 2013 and 2014. The support vehicle carries luggage enabling people walking to focus on the experience, rather than the burden of a heavy pack.

The vehicle also gives us the flexibility of a mobile kitchen. The walking group rendez-vous with the support crew and van at our appointed camping site each evening. There are many advantages to developing the project in this direction. By camping we are able to keep costs down for participants, who not only don’t have to carry their tents and other bulky equipment but also avoid the practical concerns about arranging places to stay or buy food.

There is also the pleasure to be gained from being part of a community, sharing the experience of pilgrimage with a group. We aim to deepen the experience of making a sacred journey together through integrating practices from different spiritual traditions and creative forms. These include mindfulness and silence, meditation and Chi Gong, ceremony, music, poetry and story. This mix is further enriched by the particular gifts that each participant brings to the experience and is underpinned by the simplicity of walking through beautiful landscapes, to and between sacred sites along the Michael and Mary lines.

The group pilgrimages have been put on hold in 2015 while we reassess the way in which these pilgrimages are organised and how the responsibilities can be shared. However if you have ideas and feel inspired to contribute towards planning a group pilgrimage yourself. please get in touch and look out for updates on our Facebook page.

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