Group Pilgrimages

There is great pleasure to be gained from being part of a community, sharing the experience of pilgrimage with a group. It is anticipated that we will soon be offering a number of short guided walks to enable people to connect with the pilgrimage in the company of others.

In the past, whilst leading pilgrimages, I have aimed to deepen the experience of making a sacred journey together by drawing practices from different spiritual traditions and creative forms. At various times these have included mindfulness and silence, meditation and Chi Gong, ceremony, music, poetry and story. This mix is further enriched by the particular gifts that each participant brings to the experience and is underpinned by the simplicity of walking through beautiful landscapes, to and between sacred sites along the Michael and Mary lines.

Alternatively if you would like to arrange for someone to guide you and a group of friends on a day long pilgrimage that too could also be a possibility. Get in touch to find out more Contact us | Mary Michael Pilgrims Way


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