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We will post latest up-to-date developments here on a regular basis.

A Pilgrim’s Story

For those interested, here is a link which leads you to some heartful personal reflections. One pilgrim’s take on our recent pilgrimage to west Cornwall. The title for this blog entry is “Spriggans of Light: A pilgrimage from Carn les Boel to Come to Good. It left me smiling as I read and remembered. Thank […]

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Solstice Pilgrimage across Dartmoor

Making plans for our Solstice Pilgrimage which begins on the 19th June. We will walk from the tiny, remote church of St Michael perched on top of the the rocky outcrop at Brentor, to Crediton, reputed birthplace of St Boniface and another node point where the Michael and Mary earth energy currents meet. In between […]

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Pilgrim Victuals

I have been busy baking for the pilgrimage starting on Wednesday – as I suspect it’s not just an army that marches on its stomach,(not that I am expecting much goose stepping from our band of pilgrims.) Delicacies include Granola Bars, flapjacks and a lovely rich chocolate cake made with ground almonds. Hopefully welcome treats […]

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West Cornwall Spring Pilgrimage

Finally the weather gods seem to have relented and what seemed a foolhardy idea just a week or two ago – namely the prospect of venturing out, sustained days of walking and most perverse of all, camping along the way, now seems worth contemplating and even to offer the possibility of deep joy and fulfillment. […]

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Balance in all things

In one of the guidebooks, written for the pilgrimage route. I quoted E.F. Schumacher, “I am not at all contemptuous of comforts, but they have their place and it’s not first.” Traditionally pilgrims often sought greater spiritual merit by embracing and even exaggerating suffering and hardship by practices such as scourging, walking barefoot and fasting […]

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