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Not exactly news

As part of a continuing commitment to exploring inter-faith cooperation with regards environmental action, Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way are organising a pilgrimage in co-operation with DEFAN (Devon Earth Faith Action Network) on Dartmoor on Sunday 23rd April, 2017 The format will be similar to the pilgrimage we shared last summer (although this time we will be […]

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New Guide – and its free

A new, free, downloadable guide is now available for a section of Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way, covering the stretch across the Vale of White Horse and through South Oxfordshire, between Churn Knob on the Berkshire Downs and Pyrton at the foot of the Chilterns, a distance of about 36 miles ¬† The guide written by Bill […]

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Earth Matters, Faith Matters.

I recently led my briefest pilgrimage to date, as part of a day entitled Earth Matters/Faith Matters organised by Exeter Diocese in advance of the Paris Climate Summit. For me it was inspiring to hear the common ground and sense of commitment to issues of ecology and sustainability expressed by people of different faiths and […]

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Heartbeat of Mother Earth

I have been contacted by Tiffany Stephens who is hoping to find people who would like to run or take part in events across the world, but especially Europe as part of A European Citizens Initiative for the Rights of Nature. The co-ordinated events planned for the 22nd April 2016 will be entitled Heartbeat of […]

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It’s a small world

Charmaine Porter, resident of Seattle in Washington State U.S.A. was ordering some guidebooks for the pilgrimage recently. She mentioned in an e mail that she already had family ties to the Michael and Mary Lines, with her parents in law living in Bury St Edmunds. They have been active in supporting renovation work at nearby […]

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