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Any Offers

I am looking for volunteers, people interested to take on exploring potential sections of the pilgrimage route eastwards beyond Avebury. David Kelf is doing a wonderful job researching, walking and dowsing his way along the eastern end of the Michael and Mary Lines between Hopton and Eye – and organising group walks along the way. […]

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GLASTONBURY TO AVEBURY – Reflections and Connections

It is said that we don’t seek to walk in our ancestors footsteps’, we seek what our ancestors sought. This spiritual questing has drawn people to Glastonbury and Avebury for millennia. Quite what role the influence of the Michael and Mary Lines play in underpinning the potency of these places and their capacity to touch […]

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Our latest newsletter will soon be sent out to all those who are on our e mail contacts list. If you would like to receive this too, just get in touch by e mailing This newsletter includes an article by Graham Joyce, 7 years on from the Awakening Albion pilgrimage, which was one of […]

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Beltane 2015

The last couple of years at this Beltane time I have been engaged in leading group pilgrimages along sections of Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way. Looking out of my window now at the rain bucketing down I am somewhat relieved not to be repeating the experience at this exact moment. Two years ago we were walking over […]

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New Guidebook Available

After one or two hitches, the new guidebook is now available. It covers the whole route between Brentor and Avebury, a distance of about 220 miles and includes both an update and enhancement to the original pilot section guide (Brentor to Glastonbury) and a separate section covering the pilgrimage route between Glastonbury and Avebury. I […]

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