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We will post latest up-to-date developments here on a regular basis.

Balance in all things

In one of the guidebooks, written for the pilgrimage route. I quoted E.F. Schumacher, “I am not at all contemptuous of comforts, but they have their place and it’s not first.” Traditionally pilgrims often sought greater spiritual merit by embracing and even exaggerating suffering and hardship by practices such as scourging, walking barefoot and fasting […]

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The visit of Prince Charles

Yesterday, Prince Charles (perhaps unwittingly) was on the route of Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way, both during his visit to Stoke St Gregory and when he stood on Burrow Mump surveying the scenes of flooding that have submerged much of the Somerset Levels and with it parts of our pilgrimage route. The inundation of this winter must […]

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Kindred Spirit Magazine feature

An article written by Rashid Maxwell is featured in the new issue of Kindred Spirit (available early January I think). It is based on his personal experience of participating on one of our group pilgrimages last summer. The article is worth a read if you get the chance. If you feel inspired to follow in […]

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Guided Group Pilgrimages – 2014

We have now concluded planning our programme of guided group pilgrimages for next year. Below is a brief description of each of the four trips we are scheduling. They are timed to coincide with Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas and Michaelmas. For more information about any of the pilgrimages please get in touch. West Cornwall Pilgrimage […]

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Newsletter available to all

Our current newsletter – Number 5, is hot off the presses. If you would like to receive a copy by email, just get in touch. There is no charge and no catches. Your details will simply be added to our newsletter mailing list and you will receive an update on the project every 6 months […]

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