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We will post latest up-to-date developments here on a regular basis.

Glastonbury to Avebury, a start.

This is the next leg of the pilgrimage which I have begun to explore. Beginning at the Tor in Glastonbury I made first for the giant oaks of Gog and Magog, identified by some as being the last remnants of an avenue of trees which marked an ancient ceremonial route to the Tor. I passed Norwood Park Farm with […]

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Dartmoor Pilgrimage

We are now dipping our toe into the water, developing a programme of guided pilgrimage walks along sections of Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way. The route established so far which stretches from the far west of Cornwall to Glastonbury is more than 250 miles, a significant and potentially daunting prospect for any aspiring pilgrim. With work commitments and other […]

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Cornwall Guidebook now available

The guidebook covering the stretch of the pilgrimage which extends right up through the Cornish peninsula is now available. The distance covered, just under 140 miles is very similar to the pilot section between Brentor and Glastonbury. Cornwall is an ancient land with a spirituality deeply embedded in the landscape and a rich heritage of both Christian and […]

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Facebook page

Dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, we have now set up a Facebook Page. It is hoped that this will be a quick and easy way to share information appealing to a wide audience, particularly about new initiatives such as the series of pilgrimage walking retreats we hope to launch later in the […]

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New Initiative for the project

Thanks to a generous donation recently received by Mary/Michael Pilgrims Way, the project is looking to buy a large van to be used as a support vehicle enabling us to lead groups walking stretches of the pilgrimage route. It is envisaged that these pilgrimage walks will in the first instance be of 5-7 day duration, […]

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